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What makes you think your dog does not want a little time away from home, meeting new friends, enjoying a day or two watching the fun activities at DoubleT Kennels? 

You are taking a vacation or attending some event because its a great way to add some excitement to life; your dog will look forward to coming back here time after time.  We keep them busy and engaged.

Boarding fees  $45.00 Per Day, Per Dog

Check in after 7:00 PM  -  No Charge

Check out before 1:00 PM  -  No Charge


10%     Small Dogs

Dogs under 25 pounds

10%      Rescue Dogs

Any dog adopted from county or city animal shelters, Humane Societies,

Rescue organizations or the Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Southern California

10%     Senior Citizens

55 years of age and up

    That's the owner not the dog!

20%  Show Quality Malamutes

Alaskan Malamutes purchased from Double T Kennels


2 dogs in the same dog run  -  $80.00 per day, per two dogs

Each additional dog in the same dog run --  $40.00 per dog

Dogs in separate dog run with the same owner

charged full $45.00 daily rate, per run


10% Discount after  5 visits

15% Discount after 10 visits


 We do not charge extra for services which we consider to be basic to
 quality dog care, such as exercising your dog, providing  medications
 or feeding a special diet that your dog may require.

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